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Our Casino Tips section on casinobetnow aims to provide you, the player, with the necessary information required to make your experience playing at online casinos as fun as possible.

Topics covered include important facts about playing online which players need to know about. Such as payment processors, withdrawal information, security document requirements, bonus wagering requirements and more. If you have never gambled online before our Players Guide will ensure you know what to expect when playing at an online casino.
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For information concerning the software that the casinos operate on, please visit our dedicated Casino Software section.

Casino Banking

  • Casino Banking

To be able play at an online casino you need the ability to fund your casino account and also be able to withdraw any winnings back to your bank or ewallet account of choice.

Obviously this is a pretty important aspect of playing at a casino online. Additionally you need to know what is required of you the first time you action a withdrawal from a casino.

This includes the type of security documents that you may be required to send to the casino to verify your identity. It is standard practice for all casinos to establish who you are to prevent fraudulent activity on their sites.

All the casinos which we recommend on casinobetnow are established reputable operations which are located and based in solid upstanding jurisdictions.

Our casino banking guide covers the standard and more traditional methods such as bank cards, the various web wallet options such as Neteller and Moneybookers which are available to players are covered in detail.

Casino Bonuses – Wagering Requirements

  • Casino Bonuses
All the online casinos that we feature and recommend on casinobetnow offer a variety of welcome bonuses, for players opening up a new account.In addition, the vast majority of online casinos also include loyalty programs, where players receive bonuses based on the amount they wager at the casino.Players however need to bear in mind that when receiving a bonus that there are certain conditions attached to said bonus, including a wagering requirement throughput.However bonuses are a great way of topping up your balance and getting more play time at the online casino or casinos you frequent.

eCOGRA – Player Dispute Resolution

  • eCOGRA

eCOGRA is hopefully an organisation that as a player you will not have to have contact with, but provides a service for players, should a dispute arise between an eCOGRA certified casino and a player of said casino.

Established back in 2003, the purpose of eCOGRA is to protect players by addressing the need for fair gaming and responsible operator conduct.

Part of eCogra’s main role is to resolve any disputes between eCOGRA certified online casinos and their respective player base that may arise.

eCOGRA came into existence as a result of Microgaming and 888 realising that there was no regulatory body ensuring industry wide standards in the iGaming sector.

Now wholly independent of Microgaming and 888, eCOGRA is a non profit making body overseeing Online Gambling Bodies.

Licensing Jurisdictions

  • Licensing Jurisdictions
Another important aspect to be aware of is the actual licensing jurisdiction of the casino you are playing at resides in.We cover all the main territories where online casinos currently operate from. Not just the jurisdictions where the casinos we recommend reside in.Knowing the country of origin of the casino that you play on is important, especially if a problem arises and you require third party assistance.Casinobetnow is committed to only featuring those casinos which allow access to a third party such as the territory’s regulatory authority to make impartial decisions if and when required.This means there is an assurance of safety for players in the unfortunate event of resolving any dispute between player and casino property that may arise.