Fortunately, playing craps online means far less distraction compared to playing in a land-based casino. All of the other players shouting at the dice and cheering when they win can be exciting, but it isn’t particularly helpful when you’re new to the game and trying to learn the ropes. Despite this, there’s still a lot to take in, so feel free to use this craps rules and betting guide to help you through your first few games.

With all craps bets, you’re required to select the amount you want to bet by clicking on the chips and then selecting the bet you want by clicking on the corresponding area on the table. Most bets will vary in terms of the maximum limit that can be placed on them, and this will also change in different casinos.

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Pass Bet

This is the most common and basic bet in craps. This bet wins if the first roll of the dice is a seven or an eleven, and it loses if a two, three or twelve is rolled. If none of these numbers are rolled, then the number that has been rolled becomes the point. The dice will then continue to be rolled until a seven (which loses your bet) or the point (which wins your bet) is rolled again.

Don’t Pass Bet

This is essentially the opposite of the pass bet: You win if the first roll of the dice results in a two, three, or twelve, and you lose if it’s a seven or eleven. When the point has been established, this bet will win if a seven is rolled before the point appears again.

Come Bet

The come bet is similar to the pass bet, with the difference that you make it after the point has already been decided. At that point, this bet wins if a seven or eleven is rolled, and it loses if a two, three or twelve is revealed on the first roll. If none of these appear, then the number that’s rolled after you’ve placed the come bet becomes your come point and must appear again before a seven is rolled to win. Once the come point is decided, your chips will automatically move to that number on the table.

Don’t Come Bet

As with the don’t pass bet, this is the opposite of the come bet. It is bet once the point has been established and an initial roll of two, three, or twelve wins, while a roll of seven or eleven loses. If none of these numbers are rolled then the come point is established and this bet wins if a seven is rolled before it.

Taking Odds

There is no house edge when placing this bet, so it’s one of the best bets you can make in most casinos. Although there’s no house edge on this bet, you can only use it when you have a bet on the pass, and you do so by clicking on the empty space next to the pass line. Even so, when you combine the house edge of both bets together it’s still less than one percent. The amount that you bet on the taking odds bet will often be a maximum of twice the amount of your pass line bet. The payouts vary depending on which number the point is, so if it’s six or eight, then you’re paid out at six to five; if it’s a five or nine, then the payout is three to two; and if the point is four or ten, you get an impressive two to one.

Not all of these craps bets are always available, so Casino Edge recommends that you find a table that suits you and one that will offer the best bets.

Laying Odds/Don’t Pass Odds

This is the opposite of the taking odds bet. Again, it is done after the point has been established and is placed by clicking on the small section between the pass line and the don’t pass bar. It can only be placed if you have an existing bet on the don’t pass bar, and it’s paid out at one to two if the point is four or ten, two to three if the point is five or nine, and five to six if the point is six or eight.

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Place Bet

This is a bet on one of the place numbers (four, five, six, eight, nine and ten) appearing before a seven is rolled. It’s placed by clicking on a section on either side of your chosen number. If this bet wins, it will be paid out at nine to five if you choose four and ten, seven to five on five and nine, and seven to six on six and eight.

Place to Lose Bet

This is a bet rarely found in land-based casinos but that is quite common online. It is bet on one of the place numbers and is won if a seven is rolled before that number is. The payouts are five to eleven for four and ten, five to eight for five and nine, and four to five for six and eight.

When betting on specific numbers, four and ten will always have the highest payouts, so, if you’re looking for big wins, bet on them. However, there’s a reason for this, since there are fewer ways of rolling these numbers.

Buy Bets

Buy bets are exactly the same as place bets, but with different payouts. When you place a buy bet, you’re effectively buying that number, and for this privilege you’re charged a 5% commission. You can make this bet by clicking on the section further away from the place bet of your chosen number. The payouts are slightly better than place bets because of the commission, and you can get two to one on ten and four, three to two on five and nine, and six to five on six and eight.

Lay Bet

The lay bet is the opposite of the buy bet. It is betting that a seven will be rolled before the place number that you have chosen is rolled. Similar to buy bets, there’s a 5% commission, but the payouts are inverted with one to two for four and ten, two to three on five and nine, and five to six for six and eight.

Field Bet

This is one of a group of proposition bets where you bet that two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve will appear on the next roll. If none of these numbers appear, you lose your bet. If they do, then the payouts are one to one (even money) if any of the numbers are rolled except two and twelve. For two the payout is two to one, and for twelve it is either two to one or twelve to one.

Big Six/Big Eight

Once the point has been established, you can bet whether a six or an eight will appear before a seven is rolled. They both pay out even money.

E and C Bets

These bets are made by clicking on the circles with ‘e’ and ‘c’ in them. The ‘e’ bet is commonly known as ‘yo eleven’ and is betting that the next roll will result in an eleven. This pays out at 15 to one. The ‘c’ bet is the ‘any craps’ bet and is betting that two, three, or twelve will be rolled. The payout for this is seven to one.

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Proposition Bets

The proposition bets involve betting that a specific combination, such as a five and a six or two ones, will appear. The odds vary depending on the possibility of these combinations occurring. These bets count only for the next roll of the dice.

Any Seven

Betting that the next roll will result in a seven. This is paid out at four to one.

Any Craps

This is a bet that a two, three, or twelve will appear in the next roll, and is paid out at seven to one.

When playing online, once you’ve placed your bet and clicked the roll button, the rest is done for you automatically. Wins are paid, bets are left on the table or collected depending on the result.

Table Layout

Finding all of these bets on a craps table can seem a bit confusing at first. To help you out, here’s an image that shows where each bet can be placed.

craps table layout.gif

Of course, table layouts will vary slightly in different casinos, but most will look very similar to this. Fortunately, in the vast majority of online casinos, running the mouse over the table should reveal where you can place particular bets as well as the betting limits and, in some cases, the odds (if they’re not shown on the table).

House Edge and Payouts

Attempting to assess all bets available to you in craps, the payouts that might be awarded, and the house edge is a very tricky task. To help simplify this process, we’ve created this quick reference table that you can refer to when playing craps online. It should go without saying, but the lower the house edge and the better the payout, the better the bet and the chances of walking away a winner.

Looking at the table below, you’ll notice that the best bets are the following:

  • Pass
  • Don’t Pass
  • Come
  • Don’t Come
Bet name Payout House edge
Pass 1:1 1.41%
Don’t pass 1:1 1.36%
Come 1:1 1.41%
Don’t come 1:1 1.36%
Taking odds: 4 or 10 2:1 0%*
5 or 9 2:3 0%*
6 or 8 5:6 0%*
Laying odds/Don’t pass odds: 4 or 10 1:2 0%*
5 or 9 2:3 0%*
6 or 8 5:6 0%*
Place: 4 or 10 9:5 6.67%
5 or 9 7:5 4%
6 or 8 7:6 1.52%
Place to lose: 4 or 10 5:11 3.03%
5 or 9 5:8 2.50%
6 or 8 4:5 1.82%
Buy: 4 or 10 2:1 2.27%**
5 or 9 3:2 2%**
6 or 8 6:5 1.67%**
Lay: 4 or 10 1:2 1.67%**
5 or 9 2:3 2.00%**
6 or 8 5:6 2.27%**
Field: All but 2 or 12 1:1 5.56%
Field: 2 or 12 2:1 (3:1) 5.56%
Big six 1:1 9.09%
Big eight 1:1 9.09%
C (any craps) 3:1 11.11%
E (yo eleven) 7:1 11.10%
Proposition bets 7:1 up to 30:1 5.56% up to 16.67%
Any seven 4:1 16.67%
Any craps 7:1 11.11%

* – While this is an incredible house edge, you cannot place this bet without placing a pass bet.

** – This house edge is assuming that commission is paid on wins only. This often varies in online casinos, where commission can also be paid up front.