CASINO BONUSES – Wagering Requirements

Casino Bonuses

All the online casinos that we feature and recommend on Online Casino Reviewer offer a variety of welcome bonuses, for players opening up a new account.In addition, the vast majority of online casinos also include loyalty programs, where players receive bonuses based on the amount they wager at the casino.Players however need to bear in mind that when receiving a bonus that there are certain conditions attached to said bonus, including a wagering requirement throughput.



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However bonuses are a great way of topping up your balance and getting more play time at the online casino or casinos you frequent.

The purpose of this Casino Bonuses article is to highlight the current best bonus offers available from those casinos we recommend.


To Accept or Not Accept a Casino Bonus?

If you have never played at a casino online before  and have just now decided to do some research before you take the plunge, thankfully you have found the right resource. No doubt the first thing that has struck you when looking for an online casino to open up an account at is the myriad of Bonus offers for new players.

Sounds good right? Well the answer is actually yes and no. I personally am not adverse to accept the odd casino bonus now and again and many players known as bonus hunters, will only play if they are guaranteed a bonus upon making a deposit. But with everything in life, you do not get anything for nothing?

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So what is the catch with accepting a bonus from an online casino? Well, when you accept any bonus whether it be a no deposit bonus or a deposit match bonus, you are by default agreeing to the terms and conditions of said bonus offered.

In my role as a moderator on CasinoMeister over the past few years, I have seen countless players complain that they have not been able to cash out their winnings due to the terms and conditions attached to any and all casino bonuses which they have accepted.

Basically in layman terms, when accepting a bonus from a casino, you are agreeing to turnover the amount received x number of times. With x normally on average being around 30 times the amount of the bonus received.

It is surprising the number of new players that are not aware of this small but very important fact concerning casino bonuses.

Additionally several casinos which can be found on the internet offer HUGE sums in the form of bonuses. But the catch is you will only be ever to cash out a minimal fraction of the amount received. These are known in the industry as ‘Phantom Bonuses’ and need to be avoided like the proverbial plague.

Thankfully you can rest assured that all the casinos listed on Online Casino Reviewer, do not offer Phantom Bonuses. With wagering requirements attached to them being achievable.

Casino Loyalty Schemes

The term ‘VIP Player’ is quite a well known term to anyone who has played online before. Well casino loyalty schemes differ considerably to deposit and no deposit bonuses.

Basically when playing at a casino you are awarded wagering points, which can then be converted into cash. The more you wager, the more points you accumulate and the higher up the staggered vip ladder you go.

Unlike Casino Bonuses there are no wagering requirements assigned to cash amounts received from loyalty points.

Below is a table of the best casino bonuses currently available, taking into consideration said casinos wagering requirements.